Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Frozen Endzone

This came out of nowhere in the best possible way:
Frozen Endzone is a turn-based futuresports game from the creators of asynchronous strategy game Frozen Synapse.

That's from RPS, by the way, and they have a nice preview here, including a trailer.

This is a brilliant move, I think, for lots of reasons:
--they retained brand identity with "Frozen" in the title.
--gameplay seems to retain some elements of Frozen Synapse's AI, but in a unique setting. And different gameplay rules will create a different experience.
--the visual look evokes a bit of what I always thought a next-gen Speedball would look like.
--players already run more naturally than they do in Madden (ha!).
--they waited until they had something substantial to show before announcing the game.

I highly recommend reading the preview, because it has a ton of details, but this looks like a terrific idea and potentially a fantastic game.

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