Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Xbox 720 (Durango)

I haven't commented on the recent avalanche Xbox 720 rumors because the signal-to-noise ratio is impossible to determine, but Jeff Pinard has a very thoughtful point about the "always-on" requirement, if true, in regards to hospitals (and hospitals for children, in particular):

The trickle down effect would be pretty staggering.  Child’s Play might have to make a decision to forgo the Xbox720 and subsequently ALL of the games on that platform a possible no-go.  

We have the best Pediatric Hospital in all of Western/Central Michigan, with people from Indiana who come here as well since the Indiana system isn’t all that hot.  There are twice as many beds as Internet spots, and the Pediatric Hospital has even less at peak times as wifi/gaming is set to the lowest priority when there is a spot to login.  This is not a negative against the hospital, but the reality of having a massive hospital with everything digitized and major data loads, and extraordinary levels of security on their networks.  The smaller county hospitals don’t even have wifi/Internet access.

That's very shitty for kids who use gaming as a distraction in a terribly difficult situation. And can you imagine the PR nightmare/blowback for Microsoft?

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