Tuesday, June 11, 2013

E3: Nintendo + Sony/Microsoft Aftermath

Poor Nintendo. They showed so little new for the Wii U that it's downright sad. Sequels of sequels of sequels, a few third-party games, and no price cut.

They are, clearly, in disarray.

Wind Waker HD is coming in October, at least.

Additional data points from Sony/MS.
1. No region lock on PS4
2. Indies can self-publish
3. Dark Sorceror was a tech demo, not a game (my mistake)

1. Xbro One Asia rollout delayed until "late 2014".

Doesn't this feel like the last generation, only reversed? Sony claimed that the PS3 would bend the space-time continuum and tried to redefine the console market. They failed and lost billions of dollars, because we didn't want a redefined market.

Now Microsoft is trying to redefine the market with futuristic features and an extreme narrowing of consumer rights. I still don't think we want a redefined console market.

It should give you an idea of the depth of humiliation Microsoft experienced yesterday that I couldn't find a single article today touting the Xbro One as stacking up as a better value than the PS4. Not one. It's hard to find that kind of unanimity on the Internet.

Microsoft, I'm sure, has had some extraordinarily tense internal meetings today. And they need to be careful here, because they're getting mocked. Criticism is one thing, but mockery is another level entirely, and they need to take this seriously. Brushing it off and pretending there's no problem here would be a tremendous mistake.

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