Monday, October 21, 2013

Gridiron Solitaire #77: Greenlight

I played a "complete" build on Eli's Ultrabook last week, simming a few seasons as well as playing almost a dozen games.

It's been a couple of months since I've been able to play much, because I was fixing/adding things based on feedback from the beta testers. Now, though, I actually get to play, and it's always a nice moment.

Even nicer, I found very little to fix. A few small things, and I made a few minor tweaks, but overall, everything was extremely solid. And none of the things I did have to fix were game breakers or even close.

In other news, Fredrik took a new approach to drawing the goalposts, and they look terrific. The one thing that drove me crazy about the game looks just like it should now. Plus we did a little clean-up work on the drive canvas. Nothing big, just slight resizing of the down marker and first down marker (making them both a little larger), and making the goal line pylons slightly smaller.

Today, I played a game where I was ahead 21-17 as time was winding down, and on the last play, the CPU team started from my four yard line. I picked the play correctly, so the max gain was fifteen yards, and I kept playing cards to reduce the gain.

I had one Big Play press left, and it generated a usable card, and as I played the last match to stop them at the one-yard line, it was the best feeling. Watching a game like that on television is always a huge thrill, and I felt that thrill as I played the cards.

That's all I wanted when I started working on the game, really.

I made a decision yesterday--in spite of what I said a few months ago--that I need to make an attempt to get the game on Steam. This wasn't doable a few months ago, because Greenlight was only approving a tiny trickle of games, but now the trickle has become a torrent, and it seems like dozens of games are getting approved on a regular basis. In the new environment, I have a much better chance, and I know you guys would support the effort. So I'm going to work on creating a Greenlight page this week, and I'll let you know when it's ready.

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