Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rain, Didn't Drown

We went to hockey last night and reached the rink at seven. It had just started raining.

While we were at the the rink, it rained. Hard. We got out of the rink about 8:45, and it was still raining. Hard. Crazy lightning, rattling thunder, the whole package.

Eli 12. 2 had just played his best game of 4x4 ever. It's basically the travel team kids, with a few high-level development players, playing 4x4 on a 2/3 sheet for an hour. It's hockey at hyperspeed. It's also incredibly difficult for the goalies, because defense is entirely optional.

Eli gave up 4 goals on 65 shots. He was just crazy, ridiculously good, and I even have some video that I'll cut into a sizzle reel for you guys to see next week.

On the way home, with the lightning flashing right over our heads, I said, "You've angered the Hockey Gods."

He started laughing. "But I played really well!"

"No, not the Goalie Gods," I said. "You angered the Shooter Gods. You have threatened their dominance, and they are responding with fury."

For the rest of the night, whenever we heard thunder, Eli said "The Shooter Gods are angry!" and laughed.

Once we got home, it rained hard for another seven hours.

Austin averages 32 inches of rain annually. We had 9 inches of rain in 9 hours last night. That's 28% of our average rainfall for the year in one night.

Personally, we were very lucky. No flooding. Didn't even lose power or the Internet connection. There were lots of other people who weren't as lucky, though, as there was plenty of flooding and quite a few evacuations.

Our lakes are within a few feet of being at all-time lows. Some are only 35% full, which is incredible. This huge rain, unfortunately, was almost entirely below the watershed, so it's going to do almost nothing for the lakes.

If Eli can keep angering the shooter Gods, though, maybe those lakes will fill back up.

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