Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gridiron Solitaire: Crazytown

Everything is nuts around here.

Again, when I say "nuts", I mean "me".

Having a game that's actually been released (did I just say that?) Is so entirely different from having a "game in development" that I feel entirely unmoored. The very comforting routine of playing the game several hours a day and feeling satisfaction as I saw it play progressively better has now been replaced with something entirely different--good, but entirely different, and entirely disorienting. The best way I can describe it is that it's like living in a comfortable little town, and then you blink once and you're standing in Tokyo.

It's awfully exciting, and I only hope I have the right currency with me.

People are asking me about sales, and I have no idea, because I haven't looked. I know that sounds crazy, but I've been so happy with how the game has been received that I'm afraid to look in Steam and see that I sold 250 copies or something. I told myself before the game launched that no matter the sales, I did everything I could, and that's true. I've never tried so hard to cover every single detail and do the best job I possibly could (well, other than being Eli's dad).

I know that Fredrik did everything he could possibly do, too. We were (and are) both all in.

The best part so far has been how people seem to understand and enjoy the game. I was worried about that--I knew I loved playing the game, but I didn't know how many other people would--but the reception has been even more positive than I had ever hoped. People are posting AARs in the Steam forum, and it makes me so happy that other people are seeing the moments I saw when I tested the game.

I put up a small guide in the forum for people who are new to American football, and if you'd like to read it, it's here: If You're New To American Football (basic rules of the game).

You guys have sent me an avalanche of awesome e-mail in the last day, and thank you very, very much.

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