Friday, May 02, 2014

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, from Steven Kreuch, and this is one of the most remarkable stories I've ever heard: What if NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE? That title sounds cheesy, but seriously, it's a great story.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, and this is entirely fantastic: A Country Wide Water Gun Fight. Next, and this is surreal: UCHU-JIN - JIJII MV / 宇宙人「じじい-おわりのはじまり-」MV. This is a fantastic, fascinating story: How a Simple Design Error Could Have Toppled a NYC Skyscraper

From J.R. Parnell, and this is amazing: 5 Insanely Huge Things You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped.

From DQ Reader My Wife, and these images are remarkable (in particular, check out The Isolator. I want one.): These 50 Photos From The Past Are Shocking And Hilarious.

From Daniel Willhite, and these are insane: Monowheels: The coolest deathtrap on one wheel. Also, and this is very clever, it's Alton Brown Dramatically Shows How To Make an Inexpensive Mustard Caddy Hack For Your Refrigerator.

If your vision is incredibly poor (like mine), you're really going enjoy this: This Trick Will Let You See Anything Without Glasses.

This is entirely fantastic: Watch London in 1924 & 2014 get combined into one time traveling video. Also, and these are stunning images: Chernobyl's Steel Radiation Shield Is the Biggest Moving Structure Ever.

From Sirius, and this is beautiful: "Silent Storms" (Northern lights compilation). Next, and Eli 12.8 will be watching as this as soon as he gets home from tennis practice, it's "Card control" demonstrated by Ricky Jay. One more, and this is quite an image: The path lightning takes through a cow.

From Chris Jones, and this is terrific: Jordin Tootoo gives away his stick. Also, and this little guy is famous now: a small, fierce Penguins fan.

From Wallace, and sadly, I don't think this surprises anyone: RIAA Claims That It Is 'Standing Up For' Older Musicians That It Actually Left To Rot.

From C. Lee, and this is fascinating: Mice get stressed out, feel less pain when male lab workers are present. Also, and you'll love this: What is Real? (Plato) - 8-Bit Philosophy.

Finishing up, from Mark H, and this is spectacular: A Single Drop of Seawater, Magnified 25 Times.

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