Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Curious Incident

The setup: a giant, absolutely giant bit of grapevine in Gloria's garden, strangling the fence and quite a few paying customer plants. The grapevine resides just beyond our back fence, in a small gap between a riot of fences.

#1 A ladder.

#2 Those hooks? A boat ladder.

#3 Gloria, although I failed to capture her hat in the picture. It's somewhere in the #3 circle, though, just out of view. As is Gloria.

Rube Goldberg sequence of events:
--put ladder on this side of fence.
--climb ladder while carrying boat ladder.
--put boat ladder on other side of fence.
--climb from regular ladder over fence onto boat ladder, thus escaping into the between-fence jungle.
--attack the unholy overgrowth. Repeat. Repeat.
--reverse climbing sequence.
--escape alive, if possible.

I've been on the other side of that fence, a decade ago. Bad things. Very bad things.

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