Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Golf Club

I tried out a recent build of The Golf Club a few days ago, and I was impressed. Everything plays more smoothly, the game looks better (believe it or not), and I only had one beef.


For some reason, and this was a curse with recent versions of Tiger Woods as well, there's a distinct lack of proportionality between how far your golfer takes the club back to putt and how far a real golfer would take the club back on a real-world putt. It's much further in the game, and that makes putting feel quite wooden, not ultra-precise as it should be.

Like I said, there are quite a few golf games that have this problem. But some games have done it perfectly (Headgate's PGA Championship 2000 and several of their Tiger Woods versions come to mind), so it's certainly doable.

The game has been submitted to Sony and Microsoft for certification, and you can already buy "early access" (near-final, at this point) on Steam. If you enjoy golf games, I would highly recommend it, with the putting caveat.

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