Friday, August 08, 2014

Friday Links! (auto-pilot edition)

This is a riveting, wonderful piece of writing, and what a story: Where are they Now: Catching up with Dan Gable and Larry Owings.

Next, and this is quite a read, it's Smelling Death: On the Job With New York's Crime-Scene Cleaners.

This has to be one of my favorite stories ever: The Man Who Planted a Forest Bigger Than Central Park.

Eli 13.0 would love to go to this: Explore a Water Park Built Inside a Huge German Airship Hangar.

Here's an entirely fantastic article about the world generation feature in Dwarf Fortress: Dwarf Fortress will crush your CPU because creating history is hard.

All I can say is that I would like to have one of these trees: The tree that bears 40 DIFFERENT fruit .

I have a big soft spot for The Flintstones (the "Barney as a Counterfeiter" episode--classic), and if you do as well, then have a look at this: 12 Rare Flintstones Production Shots From the Golden Age of Animation.

There's quite an amusing explanation behind this story: The most abused Social Security number of all time is 078-05-1120.

Last one this week (sorry, we're light, but next week should be huge), and it's hard to even grasp: Scientists Made This Entire Mouse Transparent Using Detergent.

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