Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson (NFL star) hit his four-year-son repeatedly with a switch.

The switch left "welts" on his buttocks, as well as lacerations on his thighs and hands. Plus one laceration on his scrotum. The pictures are difficult to view, and they were taken a full week after the incident.

Adrian Peterson, in his carefully worded public statements, always brings up that his own father beat him with a switch. That's how he was raised, he says.

Adrian Peterson is 6'1", 217 lbs. His son, if he's of average size (and he doesn't look big for his age), is 3'6" and about 40 lbs.

If Adrian Peterson forced an adult to take his/her clothes off, then beat her or him with a switch, leaving multiple, visible wounds, it would be a crime, and a serious one. How can there somehow be circumstances where physical abuse from an adult--that would be a crime were it done to another adult--can somehow be considered acceptable or even appropriate when done to a child?

This is very, very sad.

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