Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rebel Galaxy

Remember two weeks ago when I said I had played a space game that was going to be huge?

It was officially announced today. It's called Rebel Galaxy.

This is the first project from Double Damage Games, which is is the new company of Travis Baldree and Erich Schaefer. Travis was extremely nice and let me play an alpha build of the game, which consists primarily of sandbox mode.

First off, this game is just gorgeous (click on the screenshot for a larger view--it's worth it):

That's my ship heading to a mission waypoint, traveling at warp speed.

I've played for a few hours, and here are some early impressions. First, space feels substantial. It also feels independent and unscripted. I've run across all kinds of harrowing situations on my way to accepted missions. Second, the control scheme on a game pad is just terrific. Everything you need to do is mapped to a control. This means the control scheme is not as complex as Elite: Dangerous, which will make it more pick up and play. Third, some of the alien encounters definitely give off a Star Control II vibe. That's always a good thing.

The Torchlight series (and Fate before it) is vibrant and full of life. The mind reels at what the creative forces behind these games could do in an open-world environment. I absolutely can't wait.

Here's an excellent preview at Polygon: Rebel Galaxy, the newest game from the men behind Torchlight and Diablo.

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