Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This Couldn't Be Any Better

This is easily one of the best things I've ever seen. I mean, just have a look at the headline: "Town Tricks Neo-Nazis Into Raising Money For Anti-Neo-Nazi Charity."

Here are some details:
Each year, residents of Wunsiedel in Bavaria have to deal with a gathering of neo-Nazis who trek to their town to commemorate Rudolf Hess, one of Hitler's deputies, in a perverse recognition of National Heroes' Remembrance Day on Nov. 15, according to the Independent.

But this year, the townspeople teamed up with Rechts gegen Rechts (Right Against Right), an anti-extremist organization with a plan to turn the tables on the would-be brownshirts, as a video released by the group showed.

Their trick was simple enough: As the neo-Nazis prepared their annual march through the town, residents of Wunsiedel agreed to pledge €10 for every mile the unsuspecting fascists walked.

According to the video, the money would go to EXIT Germany, a charity dedicated to providing a way out for disillusioned rightwingers trying to escape the neo-Fascist scene.

Yes, that is undiluted genius.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy the video, because it will absolutely make your day a little better: Town Tricks Neo-Nazis Into Raising Money For Anti-Neo-Nazi Charity (VIDEO).

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