Friday, December 05, 2014

Friday Links!

From Steven Davis, and this is fantastic: The Dance Hall: A-Z of African Dance. Also, and this is fantastic: Albert Michelson's Harmonic Analyzer: A Visual Tour of a Nineteenth Century Machine that Performs Fourier Analysis.

From Neil Gibbings, and this is one of my favorite cities in the world: This Timelapse Of Vancouver At Night Is Just Ridiculous How Amazing It Is.

I'm a sucker for stories like this: How Scotch Tape Was Invented.

From Eric-Higgins Freese, and this is obviously terrific: Naughty By Nature | Hip Hop Hooray | Muppets Version.

From DQ reader My Wife, and in case you were wondering: Ebola In The Air: What Science Says About How The Virus Spreads.

This is a tremendous read: The Curious Case of Jesus’s Wife.

From Ryan Malinowsky, and this is fascinating (about Graham's Number): From 1 to 1,000,000 and From 1,000,000 to Graham’s Number. Even better, here's Mr. Graham explaining it himself (and I highly recommend this video): What is Graham's Number?

Here's something from one of my favorite NBA players of all time: The Time Manute Bol Hit Six Three-Pointers in a Half.

Well, I find this hilarious and not terribly surprising: Ayn Rand personally profited from FDR's New Deal.

Ending the week, and this might be the badass of all time, from The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, it's the man who removed his own appendix.

Wait, one more--I just read this and it's excellent: The Weight of Guilt Death, disgrace, and a handful of knockers: inside the secret world of competitive bass fishing cheaters.

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