Tuesday, March 03, 2015


We went to see Paddington on Friday, and after the movie ended, Eli 13.6 and I needed to go to the bathroom.

There were two urinals: one tall, one short. I walked in first and immediately took the tall one.

"Seriously?" Eli said, laughing.

"In bathrooms, there are no families," I said, "only strategies."

"You are the worst," he said, standing at the short urinal.

"Basic urinal strategy," I said. "Game of Urinals."

"Now that could be an HBO series,"Eli said, laughing. "Episode One: Out For Yourself."

As for the movie, it was entertaining. It was an extremely liberal interpretation of the Paddington canon, but they did do a good job of capturing the warmth of the Brown family and Paddington's irrepressible spirit.

I have very, very fond memories of Paddington. The books were charming and innocent, places where nothing really bad ever happened, and they were full of a gentle humor that barely even exists anymore.

Eli has this in his room:

That Paddington lamp is 30+ years old, and it's mine, handed down to him. And I hope he hands it down to his children, someday.

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