Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mike and his Mom

My friend Mike lost his mom last weekend.

I only saw her a few times, but once he took me back to his hometown for a football game and we stayed at her house. She was in her early sixties then, and in every way, she was a real spitfire. She also had the kind of warmth that drew people to her.

She was in a bowling league well into her seventies (she was an excellent bowler), and was very, very active until the last few years of her. It had been particularly hard for her in the last year, when her health declined. Mike said it was hard to see such a vibrant person lose her vitality.

She was a huge sports fan, and whenever Mike visited her, there was always a game on. He drove up last weekend, because she was slipping away, and when he got there, he turned on a basketball game, just like they always did together. He was exhausted after a long drive and feel asleep for a few minutes. When he woke up, she had passed. It was a peaceful way to go, and fitting.

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