Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday Links!

A little light on Thanksgiving week, as always, but there are some long reads if you're stuck at work (but not doing any).

Leading off, and this is a tremendous read: Why Him? Why Me?

From C. Lee, and this is a fascinating read: WarGames for real: How one 1983 exercise nearly triggered WWIII. Next, and this is entirely appalling: The Serial Swatter.

Not as dry as you'd think (okay, maybe it is): The Accounting Rules That Bankrupt Cities.

Saying goodbye to a real badass:
Farewell, Cynthia Robinson: Mother of All Hype Men and Heart of the Family Stone.

From Steven Davis, and this is a lengthy and interesting read: How Demographics Rule the Global Economy. Also, and this is entirely spectacular: Robert de Visée Prélude et Allemande, Jonas Nordberg, theorbo. Next, and this is an important read: Forensic Pseudoscience: The Unheralded Crisis of Criminal Justice. One more, and it's alarming: Teens can't tell the difference between Google ads and search results.

From Evil Timmy, and phew, this is gross: Sneezes spray 'sheets, bags and strings' of fluid.

From John, and these are amazing juggling videos:
The hypnotizing art of juggling has never looked so cool
These kids are so good at juggling they must be sorcerers

Back to normal next week!

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