Wednesday, December 09, 2015

An Investigation

I was looking at a programming book on Amazon yesterday, and I noticed this review:
Just what I needed. 


So I went to look at another book on the same topic, and saw this review:
Just what I needed. 

I thought that maybe this fellow was auto-generating reviews for cash--or something else that I don't understand. So I clicked to see the rest of his reviews.

Instead of finding a bot, I learned quite a lot about the life of an interesting man.

Here's what I learned from his Amazon reviews (all 122):
--he owns a drone
--he works on motorcycles
--he's an atheist
--he "loves" crepes
--he enjoys Torani syrup
--he has a gun safe
--he programs in Visual Basic/Visual Studio
--he owns an Aston Martin
--he works on motorcycles
--he has a "ditch kit" (related to being a survivalist, I believe)

Sir, I find you both intriguing and terrifying, and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

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