Monday, January 25, 2016

So Remarkably Strange, Sony

The Witness is coming out tomorrow.

I'd like to play it on the PS4 and the plasma screen, so I went to the PS Store today to pre-order.

After enduring the error message they want me to send because sleep mode crashed for the millionth time, the update file, and the series of questions about my privacy, I finally entered the store.

I looked under the "Spotlight" tab. This was a big exclusive for Sony, right? Not there.

Not under "New".

Not under "Coming Soon", or whatever they call it.

This game is released tomorrow and it was NOWHERE.

I actually used the search function and finally found the saddest little game page I've ever seen. One video.

Oh, and guess what? I can't buy it. Nope, no price on that page.

Way to go, Sony! I'm sure Jonathan Blow is thrilled with you right now.

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