Monday, March 28, 2016

French Fries

We ate barbecue at Eli 14.7s favorite place today. They serve some food (french fries, for example), in little paper "boats".

Eli always orders french fries, and I always eat a few. Today, one had fallen out of the boat and onto the table, and I picked it up and ate it.

"Hey!" Eli said.

"It fell off the boat," I said. "If it falls off the boat, it's in international water."

"Excuse me, maritime law is not in effect here!" he said.

I disagreed.

This is a big time coming up for Eli 14.7. He's trying out for a tier one team in Michigan, one of the top programs in the country.

That's a huge move, potentially, for him, even though he went to TAC and played as well as the tier one goalies there. By any reasonable standard, this seems like a slim chance.

It doesn't feel like one, though.

He's in unbelievable shape. He's never played better. The adult shooters (all former college players) who shoot on him are having a hard time scoring on him now. I don't think he could be any sharper than he is right now.

So it's time.

I think he has a very good chance. The program he's trying to join is exactly where I think he would develop most as a person. The hockey will sort itself out.

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