Monday, May 02, 2016


I've been watching the dirtiest political campaign I've ever seen unfold in the last month or so.

I follow politics. I've seen some incredible, foul things over the last few decades. And this campaign is worse.

Who is it, you might be wondering? Uber.

The city wants Uber drivers to go through fingerprint background checks. Uber objects, strongly, but in the blizzard of advertising they've unleashed, I've never heard the word "fingerprint" mentioned once. Instead, they've obfuscated the issue so thoroughly that it's impossible for anyone who isn't paying close attention to even understand what's going on.

Last night, I saw a commercial with a war veteran (including the obligatory picture of him with his squad mates) who said he was proud of his service. Somehow, wrapped inside that was Uber, talking some kind of crazy gibberish about the election.

It's totally foul and reprehensible.

So if you think Uber is some kind of feel-good teddy bear corporation, be advised that that it is, unfortunately, the opposite.

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