Thursday, June 09, 2016

Have You, Sir? Have You, Really?

I get all kinds of e-mails about posting links to various kinds of thinly-disguised commercial endeavors--affiliates, links to "useful" guides, etc.

All garbage.

However, this got my attention:
I've just written a guide titled ...

Although a lot of articles deal with this topic, not many discuss the effects of alcohol on man boobs. I hope my guide helps fill this void.

I wonder why that is? The void, I mean. Much to my regret, I Googled "man boobs" and there were over 10 MILLION search results returned.

Googling "alcohol and man boobs", though, returned only 2.8 million results. It's a positively stunning dearth of information, isn't it?

After much reflection, though, I have decided not to link to this guide on alcohol and man boobs. I hope you can understand.

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