Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Great Escape

Eli 14.10 and I were having breakfast in the lobby of our little suite hotel, with the obligatory breakfast buffet.

Eli had blueberries and strawberries on his waffle.

"Oops, there goes one," he said, as a blueberry rolled off his waffle and stopped a few inches left of my plate.

"Escape," I said. "He's been planning that for weeks."

I moved my fruit bowl over to provide the blueberry some cover, peering around it to check on him occasionally.

I put my hand up to my ear. "Order received. Terminate with extreme prejudice." I picked up my fork and Eli laughed.

In one blindingly swift motion, I moved the bowl, then stabbed downward with my fork.

And missed.

I only grazed the ambitious blueberry, and it began rolling toward the edge of the table.

"We've got a runner!" I said, and we both started laughing so hard that we couldn't stop.

"Oh my god, we are such idiots," Eli finally said when he could breathe again.

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