Monday, July 04, 2016


The movers came on Friday and delivered all of our stuff.

It is utter chaos around here--still--although a decent amount of stuff has been put away. Very, very tired.

I've noticed a few things:
1. Good vs Well
In Texas, many people will say "good" when you ask them how they're doing. In Michigan, though, almost everyone says "well".
2. Soda vs Pop
It's called "soda" in the south. It's called "pop" in Michigan.
3. Driving here is difficult because it's a totally different approach to traffic management. In Austin, it was all stop lights. The city is so big that not many stop signs exist anymore. Grand Rapids, though, has a ton of stop signs, and learning which intersections are 4-way stops and which are 2-way is going to take a while. Plus, the entrance ramps to highways are very, very short in quite a few places.
4. Everyone is so nice here. Can't say that enough.
5. In Austin in summer, everyone exercises before 9 a.m., and before 8 if possible. If you want to play tennis on Saturday and aren't at the courts before 8, you're not playing. It's so incredibly hot in summer that it's miserable to exercise even in mid-morning.

Here, though, when the average high is in the low 80s (maybe not even that high), people exercise all day long. Tennis courts start to slowly get more full around 9:30 a.m. There's no hurry to exercise because you can do it all day, which is quite enjoyable.
6. The breeze always feels cool. It's not that baking oven wind that you get during Texas summers, where there's literally not one second in the day that feels cool.
7. There's a shed in our backyard that is so, so much more than a shed. The previous owners actually turned it into a livable space, even though it's probably only 100 square feet (if that much). That's eventually going to be my office, if I can work it out.
8. The pace here is slower, and in particular, our street is very, very quiet. Boy, that's nice.

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