Thursday, July 14, 2016

One Hot Mess

There's lots going on--all good--but I'm not managing event flow very well.

Eli 14.11 is getting weekly goalie lessons and private workouts that are really challenging him in the best ways imaginable. We're also playing a huge amount of tennis, which is wearing my body down a bit, but man, it's fun.

Fighting Eleven looks like it might have a fighting chance now with the new recruiting mechanic. What I want to create is a game world where anything you touch has an influence somewhere else in the game world. So you have the direct influence of your actions, but there are also layered effects beyond the obvious. Discovering all these relationships will be a major (and hopefully, very fun) part of the game.

I have a new video card coming tomorrow: the Geforce GTX 1070. I really, really wanted to get a 1080, but holy crap, those are incredibly expensive. I managed to get a 1070 for about $250 less, even though it's still a huge upgrade from my existing card.

Getting ready for No Man's Sky, obviously.

Plus all the other great games coming soon: Rimworld (July 15), Starbound (July 22), Quadrilateral Cowboy (July 25), and of course No Man's Sky (August 9).

That is a pretty amazing list of games in the next month.

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