Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Fighting Eleven #17: That's Not Dallas

Hmm, I put in some testing coordinates, so no matter what the recruit's card says, the program thinks he lives in Dallas. That's where the green circle is supposed to be.

Instead, Austin Bambard appears to be living in the Gulf of Mexico, possibly on an offshore oil drilling platform.

While I do find that to be a compelling backstory, it goes on the must-fix list. 

However, other parts are going quite well. I now have the recruit's interests generating properly, and all schools are being scored against the recruit's interests (if there are eight interested schools, the top four are listed, then the user school's place in the top eight). That is all working, and smoothly. 

I still don't have the ability system put in place, so that's dummy data, but everything else on that card is live. I'm actually reasonably close (a week, maybe two) to moving on to the recruiting battle screen, so that's good. 

I am having one strange problem right now, though. 

When I was developing GS, it was easy to share builds. There's a /Release/ folder, and all I had to do was copy all the files in that folder, and anyone could run it on their machine if they had the most recent .NET Framework. 

That worked thousands of times.

This time, though, it's not working. I've checked some of the usual suspects (like an image file not set to content/copy), but I haven't figured anything out yet. I could actually get a little feedback at this point, but until I get that working, it's not going to happen.

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