Tuesday, May 23, 2017

President, General, Spy

A geopolitical simulation where there are only three units: President (diplomacy), General (military), Spy (espionage).

One action per turn with one of these units can be taken. Actions might last several turns, some actions can be linked with others, and new actions can be initiated while others are still ongoing (but only one new action per turn).

Both regional and global levels of play, with the regional modeling historical conflicts involving 4-8 countries.

Individual countries start with asymmetric ratings in the following categories:
--government stability
--military power
--diplomatic ability
--espionage network
--food supplies
--relationship level with other countries

This is a very, very small subset of what I want to do, but I've purposely limited scope right now in order to get a nasty looking prototype up and running by next weekend. The prototype will only have 4 countries.

The objective is to model both regional and global conflict with a smaller learning curve than current geopolitical sims, but with a deep AI.

If you're wondering about the AI, I feel pretty strongly that I won't have problems with that. There is a surprising amount in common with the Gridiron AI, believe it or not.

Actions available to the player in the prototype, based on unit type:
--ask for food
--give food
--visit country
--propose alliance

--build army
--reduce army

--gather intel
--defend from sabotage

All actions have positive and negative consequences.

Gridiron was, at its heart, a situational management game, and that's what a geopolitical simulator should be--a situational management simulation.

Okay, there's lots more, but that's enough for now. Just let me get a prototype up and running, and then we can really get to work.

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