Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, a riveting story: Not Fuzz: They were partners in fighting crime. The only problem: Neither was a cop. But when one friend turned on the other, things got real.

This has blown my mind so thoroughly that I seriously doubt it will ever be together again: Researchers encoded a film clip in DNA and store it inside a living cell.

From Wally, and this is so, so weird: Bizarre Foreign Superhero Films You Never Knew Existed. Next, and this will particularly entertain some of you, it's James Bond's best and worst cars of all time. This is superhuman, and it's a rooster: Metal Rooster.

From C. Lee, and its a good read: Instead of Dumbing Down Shakespeare, Smarten Up the Kids. Next, and it's an excellent read: Donald E. Westlake: The Writer’s Writer’s Writer. This is very silly: Headbanger Bird.

From Steven Davis, and I had no idea: 5 Famous Artworks That Were Accidentally Destroyed. This is a terrific read: From Picasso to Noguchi, 11 Artists Who Designed Spectacular Playgrounds. Next, an excellent question: Why Is Western Art History Full of People Peeing? Maybe a little late in the summer for this, but it's an excellent read: The Science of Soft Serve.

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