Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Revelations Inside Barnes and Nobles

We had time on Saturday between games, and Eli 16.10 needed a Psychology book.

He wandered off, I started looking at board games, and then I went over to where he was standing.

"This is kind of father you're stuck with," I said.

"Okay, go ahead," he said.

"I walked past the board game area, saw that they had a Hnefatafl set, and got annoyed that it was only $70, because mine cost $150."

He burst out laughing.

"Now ask me what 'Hnefatafl' is," I said.

"Okay, what is Hnefa--whatever?" he asked.

"Asymmetric chess, designed and played by Vikings," I said.

He burst out laughing again. "Oh, Dad," he said.

I wandered off and saw a ton of children's toy aisles. Barnes and Nobles looks like it's turning into one of those stores where vendors buy space to put all kinds of crap that B&N normally wouldn't carry.

Eli had been gone for quite a while, so I started looking and found him in the Spanish section. "Boy, they've really expanded the toy section," I said.

He started laughing. "I'm looking for high-level cognitive skills book--in Spanish--and you're looking for toys. Okay, that seems about right."

"And we're both happier that way," I said, laughing.

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