Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday Links!

The links are very, very strong this week.

Leading off, and this is a stunning read, it's Ultrarunner Courtney Dauwalter Takes On The World's Most Sadistic Endurance Race. On a side note: I covered 155 miles in 77 hours once on an expedition run when I was 21. I will not be doing it again.

Eli 17.2 was blown away (for the creativity as much as the skill): The Winning Routine at the World Championships of Magic Might Fry Your Brain Like an Egg.

This is a fantastic read: How Harley-Davidson's All-In Bet on Its Past Crippled Its Future.

Bask in the utter quality of C. Lee links:
Download Famous Art in High Resolution
This Stuff Is Cheaper If You Buy It Under Another Name
Under poaching pressure, elephants are evolving to lose their tusks

From DQ Guitar Advisor David Gloier, and it's terrific: Tenea, the lost ancient city built by Trojan prisoners, is found for the first time.

From Wally, and here's a wonky wargamer alert: Games Versus History: An Exploration of the Battle of Nagashino in War Games. This looks fascinating: 'Human brain' supercomputer with 1 million processors switched on for first time. This is fantastic: SO YOU WANNA BE A CHEF — BY BOURDAIN. Very, very clever: The Fictional Foods We Wish Were Real. This is an absolutely magnificent article about the business of hot sauce (hmm, seems self-evident): Saucy Business.

From Geoff Engelstein, and this is delightful: Here Is What Happens To Werewolves On The Moon, According To Geophysics.

Ken Piper sent in the first part of this last week, and here's part two: Dude, Where's My Money? Part Two: Divvying up the Loot.

From Tim Jones, and it's excellent: Martin Amis on Space Invaders: how games criticism was born.

From Steven Davis, and this is just fantastic: The Hoax Art Movement That Fooled the Art World Establishment (twenty years from now, there will be a similar article about string theory oh no I'm joking I swear).

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