Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Just Not Surprised Anymore

Eli 17.6 gets good at things quickly.

This is no surprise. I keep meaning to record him playing the piano (he is very, very good), which he just started six months ago or so.

We played golf a few times in the late summer/early fall, and he really enjoyed how relaxing it was for him.

He wasn't very good.

He could hit the ball a mile, but he was incredibly inconsistent. Couldn't break 100.

Started hitting balls a couple of times a week. Got a set of clubs for Christmas (that he got a week after Thanksgiving). Took one lesson.

He's been going to a local golf simulator place here in town, and when he started, he was shooting in the high 90s. That was about two months ago.

I went with him last night. He shot a 75.

This is a 75 with 7 putts on the first two holes combined.

This isn't a 75 in the real world, but he's hitting his drive 290-320 yards consistently (and straight), which means he hits a wedge into most greens. Hit a 4 iron 245 yards like a bullet. Hit a 7-iron 190. So on a real course, he should easily be shooting in the low 80s within a few rounds. Maybe even lower.

He thinks me might try out for the golf team after hockey season is over. He needs to shoot below 90 consistently to make it, which looked like a stretch not that long ago.

Not so much of a stretch now.

He finishes his last college application today. No more college apps to complete. Now he just waits for the end of March to find out where he's been accepted.

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