Monday, July 27, 2020

This is Monday

Today, I spent three and a half hours rewriting five paragraphs.

Then (fortunately) I went to the golf course for nine holes with Eli 18.11 and (unfortunately) acted like I'd never seen a golf club before. Not even once.

This was after shooting an 81 on Friday (eighteen holes, mind you) that should have been a 77, and also a day when Eli was one over on the back nine.

Golf is like that sometimes. So is writing.

On the positive side, I didn't catch COVID-19 and I didn't get teargassed. Both wins.

Eli has realized that I've turned into Putting Green hero. I don't make putts out on the course, but I'm deadly on the practice green, so deadly that I can beat him when we have putting contests, and he's an excellent putter. He just said "This is not happening" after I drained a 25-footer and a 15-footer to beat him after the round on Friday.

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