Tuesday, October 06, 2020


George was just a tiny little guy when he came home with us:

George loved all of us, but I think Eli was always his favorite. 

And now, a puzzling change to left-justified pictures, because Blogger formatting is a strange, bull-headed wonder that cannot always be deciphered.

George lived in uneasy d├ętente with his sister Gracie, although they did have some nice moments:

One of George's hobbies was eating flowers, which we carefully selected for safety. I enjoyed looking at the same flowers that George enjoyed eating.

Another popular hobby was the bed game:

When no strangers were around, George was a Zen master of relaxation:

Enjoying the senior seat.

The porch was a favorite morning hangout.

Surprisingly, George was a big fan of snow, even though he had never seen it until later in life. He even played in the yard a few times in deep snow (with appropriate security measures taken to protect an unsuspecting populace). This is on the porch in winter.

I took this picture during George's last few days, with the swollen side of his face turned away. 

George was a fine fellow and a beloved pet. We will always miss him.

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