Thursday, August 19, 2021

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, and why on earth has no one told me about this show before, it's Carrot in a box.

This is stunning: Floating Micro-Origami that Magically Unfolds in Water.

From Jonathon W., and the pictures are terrific: What Malls Looked Like From the '50s Through Today

From Wally, and I'm still not quite sure what this dog is doing: Golden Retriever Practices His Mean Face. This is an absolutely spectacular story: The South Vietnam Pilot Who Performed a Daring Feat To Save His Family

From Brian B., and it's fascinating: The ancient Persian way to keep cool.

Tremendous links from C. Lee, as always. First, a tremendous act of courage: The Black Reporter Who Exposed a Lie About the Atom Bomb. This is brutal: The Pain Was Unbearable. So Why Did Doctors Turn Her Away? We all knew this was coming: Why artificial intelligence is being used to write adverts. Damn it: Fire Exit Locks Recalled After Failing to Open at Least 56 Times. This is fantastic: Visualizing the Gravitational Pull of the Planets. This is bizarre: Inside the Secretive, Semi-Illicit, High Stakes World of WhatsApp Mango Importing

From jdv, and it's a classic headline: Mad with power, fishing sim developers release an entire expansion about scallops

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