Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Esref Armagan

DQ reader Shad Price sent me a link to an amazing story about painter Esref Armagan, who is blind. Here's an excerpt from the article

Armagan was born 51 years ago in one of Istanbul's poorer neighbourhoods. One of his eyes failed to develop beyond a rudimentary bud, the other is stunted and scarred. It is impossible to know if he had some vision as an infant, but he certainly never saw normally and his brain detects no light now...His paintings are disarmingly realistic. And his skills are formidable.

It's an incredible story. How someone who was essentially blind at birth can realistically depict objects (including color and light) has important implications for what we assume about the brain and how it learns. It's a fascinating article, and I also found a link to photos of some of his paintings:

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