Monday, January 31, 2005

At Last: Four Words

Here are the last submissions:

Wear your seat belt.
I have a dream (Martin Luther King).
Sleep’s the best option.
Look at that ass!
Bill’s making these up.
Marine's viewpoint: "Cover Me, I'm *ucked!
Marine's Counter-viewpoint: "*uck you, I'm covered!"
We screw up together.
I only need four words.
Don't know, don't care.
I'm a nice ass.
*Back that ass up.

*Dubious Quality reader Doug Walsh was nice enough to send in a link to a copyright battle between two rappers over the four-word phrase "back that ass up." Here's an excerpt:

Chief Judge Carolyn Dineen King, who wrote the opinion, boiled the case down to a dispute between Louisiana rappers Juvenile and D.J. Jubilee over who owned the rights to a song "that included the poetic four-word phrase 'back that ass up.'" In its Jan. 13 opinion, the 5th Circuit sets out the following facts: In 1997, both rappers recorded songs with similar titles -- D.J. Jubilee, also known as Jerome Temple, recorded "Back That Ass Up," while Juvenile, also known as Terius Gray, recorded "Back That Azz Up."

Here's the link (and both the story and the stiff upper-lip reportage are very funny):

No word yet on whether D.J. Jubilee has copyrighted his signature four-word love ballad phrase: "There go my ho."

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