Monday, May 02, 2005

In Other News, All Floor Exercise Contestants Are Required to Wear Knit Caps

I saw this blurb in the local fishwrap last Thursday:
Officials are meeting this weekend in Hungary to study a scoring proposal, which would would replace the traditional 10.0 scale with an open-ended format. But there's already a backlash from fans and athletes, who fear the changes would turn the sport into an X games spectacle and ruin its popularity.

Exactly. Because the only difference between a prancing four-foot tall seventh grade girl with ribbons in her hair doing a Gordon Liddy into a handstand and a twenty-something stoner dude with ten body piercings doing a quadruple Silly Willy on his skateboard IS THE SCORING SYSTEM.

Gymnastics is popular in this country for two weeks every four years. I'm not sure its popularity can be ruined.

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