Thursday, April 28, 2005

Core Dump: Follow-Up

One question I didn't discuss yesterday was the Catch-22 with high-definition technology in consoles. The wow factor of this generation of consoles is going to revolve around HD.

Here's an example of the problem. The debut of Xbox 360 is going to be on MTV, but MTV isn't a high-definition channel. How are we supposed to really see just how fantastic the next generation will be? It's going to be far less dramatic and persuasive than it would be in high-definition.

Last night I was thinking about those little LCD stations they have in Electronics Boutique and Gamestop. It would be expensive to use HD screens in those stations, but if Microsoft doesn't, how are they going to wow consumers? Then I wake up today and see this item from Voodoo Extreme:
The next-generation Xbox/Samsung HDTV combination is designed to deliver the most advanced and realistic high-definition experience to gamers worldwide. To promote the HD Era, the companies plan to place over 25,000 Samsung high-definition televisions in Microsoft Xbox retail kiosk locations across the globe.

Like I said yesterday--doing the right things.

And working in Microsoft's favor are the absolutely PLUMMETING prices for next-generation televisions. I saw a Panasonic 42" ED plasma over at Visual Apex today for $1,595. That is INSANE. That same screen cost $2,295 six months ago. That's over a 30% drop. Yes, I know that ED (852x480) is not "true" HD, but I guarantee you that in screen sizes of 42" and lower, 90% of people can't tell the difference between an ED screen and an HD screen. High-definition programming on a 42" ED set looks spectacular.

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