Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Civil War Submarines (Part 2)

Last week I mentioned an article about Civil War submarines. The article mentioned a book--Union and Confederate Submarine Warfare in the Civil War--as being a comprehensive study. I ordered it and the book is absolutely amazing.

I didn't even know until a few weeks ago that submarines even existed during the Civil War. Not only did they exist, there were over TWENTY different submarines tested and at least half a dozen actually deployed. Incredibly, these were all designed by private individuals who then contacted their respective Governments. There were even privateer submarines, because the Confederacy was offering a huge bounty for the sinking of Union ships. It's like opening the door to some secret, crazy part of history.

I highly recommend the book if the subject interests you--it's exhaustively and thoroughly researched. It's not in print anymore, but it's easy to purchase used on Amazon.com.

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