Friday, June 03, 2005

Your Links

I mentioned in one of my E3 columns the importance of middleware for the upcoming generation of consoles. It turns out that the younger brother of DQ reader John Selzer is the CEO of one of the middleware companies. It's called Emergent Game Technologies and their site is here:

DQ reader Mike Kolar sent in a link to another digital art site: deviantART. The site is more unruly than Digital Blasphemy, but it features work from many artists, and there are some truly outstanding images. It's here:

DQ reader Rob Varak reports a siting of Europa 1400: The Guild Special Edition (including both the original game and the expansion pack) at Gamespot for the low, low price of $4.50. He also notes "They did everything but pay me to take it out of the store. Granted, the box looks like it was shipped overseas via drug mule." For $4.50, though, what a bargain for one of the most intriguing games I've ever played (and still play, on occasion, two years later). So if you're in a gaming lull, check the bargain bin at your local Gamestop.

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