Monday, August 15, 2005

Eli 4.0 Joins the (Rat) Race

Eli 4.0 had his first day of pre-school today. Gloria has been reading a book to him titled "First Day, Hooray!" which is about the first day of school, and when he opened the door to the car this morning, he put up his fist and went "FIRST DAY HOORAY!"

That's my little guy--Magellan in a Buzz Lightyear t-shirt.

There were some "electives" Eli could sign up for, and one was Japanese class. That sounded great, so we signed him up. Today, we both went to pick him up, and when I saw him I said "Eli, how was Japanese class?"

"KONICHIWA, BITCHES!" he shouted.

[Editor's Note: Stephanie Assham-Dubious here. I felt it necessary to insert a correction. It is Eli's first day of school, but his elective class is Spanish, not Japanese. It is highly unlikely that he learned the phrase "Konichiwa, bitches" at his pre-school this morning. The rest of this story has been deleted, as it is also highly unlikely that he learned the phrase "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto."

On a personal note, I am overwhelmed by the many cards and letters I have received. However, please do not write my name across your man-boobies in permanent marker, particuarly if your name is Joseph Leadwaddle of Atchafala, Iowa, and if you do so, please do not send me a photograph. Thank you.]

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