Friday, August 26, 2005

Life in the Fast Lane

DQ reader Tim Rowan sent me this note:
If you haven't seen this yet, I got this email from this morning; I was cracking up after reading the blurbs about Space Rangers and "your" qoute.

That made me curious, so I looked through the Go Gamer e-mail he attached. Here's what it said:
Get YOUR Copy of the Game the has Captured the Interests of Bloggers & Forums World-Wide!


Already becoming a huge word of mouth & forums hit, this turn-based space RPG features breathtaking 3D real-time action! Freedom of choice is the key feature of Space Rangers as you explore its massive world which lives and develops by itself!

A DVD ROM drive is required to play Space Rangers!

(Game Guru, with a 91% rating!)

"Impressive package...something for everybody"

"Game of the Year" - Famous Game Blogger

Man, what a relief. I thought I was NEVER going to be famous. Almost every day I'd say to myself, "Damn! Fame takes a long time. It's hard."

Now that I'm famous, though, it was all worth it. I spent most of the day trying to decide whether I wanted an entourage or a posse. Then I thought: why not both? Then I could demand that they fight each other for my amusement, using only their cellphones and bling bling as weapons.

If you see me around, you'll know who I am: the guy wearing his sunglasses indoors.

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