Monday, August 15, 2005

Links (Gaming)

The always interesting Kieron Gillen has posted his keynote address to the Free Play Independent Game Developers Conference. Titled "How to Use and Abuse the Gaming Press and How the Gaming Press Wants to Use and Abuse You," it discusses how independent developers can get more media attention for their games, and it's dead-on. Here's the link:

Here's a very witty article titled "A World of Warcraft World: 10 Ways MMORPG's Will Change the Future." Link:

By the way: no link or discussion yet, but I'm playing a great game right now. It's an absolutely ridiculous amount of fun. I want to get about another ten hours in before I write anything, but it's another game from a very small developer, which seems to be the trend: the four PC games I've enjoyed most this year have ALL been from small/indie developers (Darwinia, Fate, Mount & Blade, and "Game X").

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