Monday, August 15, 2005

Some Girls

We were on our way to dinner Friday night.

"Can you believe the Rolling Stones are going on tour?" I asked. "I went to the Cotton Bowl to see them on their farewell U.S. tour--in 1980. Their combined ages are like two-hundred and fifty."

"I like that they're all still around and together, though," Gloria said.

"Well, except for the dead ones," I said. "They've left the group."

"But the two major songwriters are still there--Mick Jagger and Keith, uh, Jiggler."

"Keith JIGGLER?"

"Wait! No, I meant, um, Keith Richards."

"Oh, I am so using that," I said.

"They're still both in the band, right?"

"Yes. But I miss the bass player." I said. "He left a long time ago."

"The bass player?" she asked.

"You know--Will Hymen."

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