Thursday, December 22, 2005

Another Heartwarming Christmas Story

I'm going to find something fun to write about tonight, I promise. Because this sure isn't
New spyware claim against Sony BMG
The Texas attorney general said on Wednesday that he added a new claim to a lawsuit charging Sony BMG Music Entertainment with violating the state's laws on deceptive trade practices by hiding "spyware" on its compact discs.

...The new charges brought by Abbott contend that MediaMax software used by Sony BMG to thwart illegal copying of music on CDs violated state laws because it was downloaded even if users rejected a license agreement.

...Critics have said the MediaMax software lets the company track customers' listening habits even if customers reject maker SunnComm's terms in a licensing agreement that appears upon installation.

Downloaded even if the licensing agreement is rejected? Man, if that's true, Sony needs to get a big-ass stack of blank checks and just start making them out, just like Navin R. Johnson (Steve Martin) writing checks in "The Jerk." That will be a guaranteed class action lawsuit or the equivalent in every country where Sony sold those CD's.

This is like the cut that just won't stop bleeding for Sony. Every time it looks like it's been controlled, giant spurts of arterial blood leap up from the wound. It amazes me that they could so misunderstand consumer sentiment--or maybe they just thought they'd never get caught.

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