Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Finding the 360: Here Are Some Clues

I have two pieces of information for those of you still trying to score a 360 for Christmas.

First, DQ reader Christopher Boyd (who sent it in first) sent me a link to a program called WebMon. Here's a link:
What this program does is check for changes in web pages and then alert you via both sound and pop-up alerts. So you could put in the URL for the 360 product page for multiple retailers and have the program check as often as you'd like for changes (as frequently as once a minute). Very cool.

Second, Kotaku linked to a scanned Best Buy internal memo that indicates their stores are getting more 360's this week. Apparently, they will be available when the stores open Thursday morning. You actually need to ask the store greeter about the 360 when you walk in the store to get the golden ticket.

No word yet on whether a secret handshake is required.

Here's the link:

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