Monday, December 19, 2005

Gaming Links

DQ reader and future Nobel Prize Winner Brian Pilnick sent in a link to a terrific article at Gamasutra on game rating systems around the world--in particular, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany. It's a very interesting and thorough read, and you can find it here:

DQ reader Dave Kramer has written an article for Gamestay titled 10 reasons the Xbox 360 doesn't quite rock--yet. He has some interesting ideas and you can read about them here:

From Teddy Fuhringer and Mike Minnotte, a link an article over at The Onion titled New Video Game Designed to Have no Influence on Kids' Behavior. Here's a "quote" from the lead developer of Stacker, the box-stacking simulator:
We're confident that the new 'reluctantly interactive' content engine we designed will prevent any excitement or emotional involvement, inappropriate or otherwise, on the part of the player."

It's brilliant stuff (as always) from The Onion, and you can find it here:

Finally, DQ reader John Catania sends a link to a bonus pack for Fate, one of my top three PC games of the year.

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