Tuesday, December 20, 2005

360 Mini-Game Plus

What I forgot to mention in the last post is the importance of perceived desire of the public when judging a launch as a success or failure. Would it be better for Microsoft to ship 1.5 million systems at launch and sell 1 million, or ship 300,000, sell out instantly, and sell out instantly again with another shipment of 300,000 a month later?

Even though selling a million systems is mathematically better than selling 600,000, I think they're far better off with the smaller number, because they've managed to maintain demand or possibly even increased it. They have far more momentum this way, and momentum is hugely important for a consumer product like this. So when Sony starts putting out press releases saying that the PS3 will cure cancer, it's not going to have nearly as great an effect on 360 sales.

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