Thursday, December 22, 2005

In Conversation

The Tarzan cartoon is in heavy rotation at our house right now. This morning, Eli 4.4 was watching the opening, and Tarzan pounded his chest and sounded his savage cry. Eli turned toward us with a gigantic smile on his face, pounded his chest, and said "I LOVE IT when he DOES that!"

We were on our way to dinner tonight and Eli was in a mood to talk. This is not uncommon.

"Daddy, we're doers, not waiters, right?" Eli asked.

"That's right, little man," I said. "We're not waiters."

"Mommy, are you a waiter?" he asked.

"I'm not a waiter," Gloria said," but I do make people wait."

"If waiting is a disease," I said, "then she's more of a carrier."

Traffic was absolutely awful tonight, and on our way home we were in bumper to bumper traffic (at seven o'clock, and we weren't even on the highway).

"What is up with this traffic?" I asked.

"Well, some people leave town for the the holidays, but the people who stay are going out," Gloria said.

"Your people are going out," I said. "My people are avoiding your people."

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