Thursday, December 22, 2005

Warning: Magnetix

DQ reader Dave Kramer, who used to cover the Consumer Product Safety Commission as a reporter, sent me a link to an unbelievably sad story about a child dying as a result of swallowing a piece of a popular children's toy.

The difference between this and a regular story involving children choking on toy pieces is that the child in this case swallowed small magnets that are part of the toy:
An autopsy revealed he had swallowed two tiny magnetic cylinders that together had pinched his intestines shut. He died from septic shock, the resulting buildup of toxins in his body.

Here's a link to the story:

The toy is called "Magnetix," and here's a list of some of the sets:
--Magnetix Xtreme magnetic building set product line
--Magnetix Xtreme Combo product line
--Magnetix MagnaWorld product line
--Magnetix World
--Magnetix Xtreme connectors

This is a toy for older kids--around ten, I believe--but if you're considering buying this and you have younger children, please be very careful.

I know, not the kind of stuff we usually talk about here, but I thought it was important to let you guys know, since so many of you (based on my e-mail) are parents.

Now, back to stupid columns about my ass and other critically important subjects.

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